Kammprofile (grooved) Gaskets

A semi-metallic gasket system, which consist of: centering (outer) ring made of special steel cam-profiled (sealing) ring made of special steel soft covering layer made of graphite, ptfe, ..

Typical applications:

  • pipelines, heat exchanger.
  • The soft cover adapts flange surfaces with ra < 6, 3
  • The soft covering layer (in most of the cases expanded graphite), is trapped in the tread and can not be extruded into the gap.
  • The trapped graphite provides good compressibility and resilience.
  • The cam profiled ring can be re-used again several times.
  • A good quality Kammprofile gasket can be very expensive.
  • Soft cover cam-profiled sealing ring outer ring.
Profile shapes : Parallel (m18l, m20l, m21lm), or convex (m38l, m40l, m41lm).
Standard material of core : Carbon steel, ss 316l, ss 304, ss 321; other materials are on